Re: Jude 14 and the age of the world
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 04:14:17 EDT


You said,

<<Origen's describing Gen. 1-3 as "mysteries, the history having taken place
in appearance, and not literally" is quoted by Christopher A. Hall, Reading
Scripture with the Church Fathers, p. 146, from Origen's On First
Principles, 4.16, cited in Sadowski, Church Fathers on the Bible, p. 122.>>

I appreciate your finding this quote. It is worthwhile;but, since it only
shows that Origen had a view of Gen 1-3 very similar to Augustine's, I don't
see it as giving any evidence that he did not believe the world was less than
6000 years old, just like Augusine did.


I think this proves that someone deviated from believing in the 6000 year old
earth; but, it does not mean that this person had sound exegetical reasons
for his interpretation. Nor does it mean that the vast majority of scholars
and laity even in the 17th century did not believe the earth was around 6000
years old.