Re: extraterrestrial intelligence

Jonathan Clarke (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 07:10:20 +1000

Vandergraaf, Chuck wrote:

> I suspect it is more than being curious. My gut feeling is that this search
> for extraterrestrial intelligence is driven by an anxiety and a fear that it
> may "just be them" and ... God. Instead, if there were extraterrestrial
> intelligence (hopefully emanating by something they can reasonably well
> identify with, like a vaguely human-looking entity such as E.T.) If this
> were just a curiosity, how could the proponents of this search be able to
> convince government agencies to spend vast amounts of money on this sort of
> thing?
> Chuck Vandergraaf (out on a bit of a limb here)

Vast amounts of money? SETI programs I understand are chronically under funded
and often ridiculed.

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