RE: Precambrian geology (2)

Vandergraaf, Chuck (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 13:31:43 -0400

Bill writes, "I keep seeing this question. If we roll it around and
apply it to the wine Jesus created at Cana (John 2), how many would believe
that the wine is young or that the wine is purely the result of a miracle,
based upon the taste or other evidentiary parameters?

IMHO, this is an invalid comparison because, in the case of the wine
in Cana, there is no evidence to the contrary: we don't have samples of the
wine, as simple as that and, if we were to find them, they would probably be
too contaminated to identify them or to ascertain anything about them. We
do have geological evidence and, in particular radiometric evidence (Oklo
natural reactors), that strongly suggest an old earth.

Chuck Vandergraaf
Pinawa, MB