Re: Precambrian geology (1)

Allen Roy (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 19:39:34 -0700

> From: David Campbell <>
> Last I saw, many flood geology advocates were claiming that there are no
> Precambrian fossils. Ediacaran fossils were recognized as such in the
> 1940's, and microfossils, stromatolites, and macroalgae go back through
> much of the Precambrian. There are hardly any rocks older than fossils.
> Lack of fossils below but present above, if attempted to apply on a very
> local scale, will give all sorts of balmy results. Pliocene sediments
> onlap onto granite here in the North Carolina coastal plain. Surely that
> was not the last region to be flooded!

That is why I said "in general." And that is why I said the line demarking
the beginning of the Flood Catastrophe from site to site is still in