Re: Precambrian geology (2)

Allen Roy (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 19:14:10 -0700

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> Are you saying the rocks may be as old as most geologists think, but all
> on earth is not older than 6000 years?

Not exactly. It is possible for the earth as a mass to have existed for a
long time, but rocks with life forms in them are likely younger than the
Creation week.

> Also, are you saying that a pair of all prehistoric animals were on the

No. The statement that ALL animals were destroyed off the earth is later
modified to mean 1) everything that moved on the earth (on dry land) and 2)
everthing that had the breath of life in its nostrils. (7:21-23)

These two qualifications eliminate a good portion of the animal kingdom.
Part 1 eliminates nearly all animal life that lives in the waters. Part 2
eliminates all insects. Amphibians may not have needed to be on the Ark
either because they could survive in water.

As for what is left, the number depends upon what is a 'kind.' 'Kind' is
usually equated with species, however the definition of species is only
some 200 years old. The Bible is not real specific, but some have
concluded that the current classification of 'family' may be closer to the
meaning of 'kind.' John Woodmoreappe, in his book 'Noah's Ark: A
Feasability Study, makes some interesting educated guesses on numbers of