RFEP, FGC and deism

Jonathan Clarke (jdac@alphalink.com.au)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 08:51:18 +1000

Dear all

Although I find the philosophical attraction of seeing the world as
"fully gifted creation" , the product of a "robust formational economy
principle", we must be careful that in presenting these perspectives we
do not end up espousing deism.

gifted creation that exhibits a robust formational economy is still
completely dependent on God as it's sustainer. It is an important part
of the Biblical picture of creation that the world is dependent and
contingent, and not an autonomous entity. This has been the historical
contrast between Biblical theism and deism

So I would like those such as Howard who are developing these concepts
so well to clarify the way they see such a creation as still fully
dependent. Equally, defenders of ID should also emphasis in a
theological discussion, whether it is possible to distinguish between
theistic and deistic ID (and how).

God bless