Re: Precambrian geology (2)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 16:56:46 EDT

Allen wrote,

<< The Universe (including galaxies, stars and planets) was created at some
point "In the Beginning" long ages ago.

That some 6000 earth-years ago, the Creation week occurred during which the
earth was modified to house and support life (as we know it) and then that
life was created during 7 rotations of the planet.

Then, some 4000 years ago, the Flood occurred which compleately altered the
surface of the globe. Many types of animals and plants were buried and

The messy geological problems arise because of the felt need to interpret
things in terms of long times. And there are big metaphysical problems
with long evolutionary ages, too. >>

Are you saying the rocks may be as old as most geologists think, but all life
on earth is not older than 6000 years?

Also, are you saying that a pair of all prehistoric animals were on the ark?