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Mon, 12 Apr 1999 14:30:23 -0400

Dear Chuck,

That is the whole point that a signal is sending some info that is not
physical. In the same way that the physical laws and things we observe as
scientists are also "sending" info that can be "detected." That detection
can only be made by man! When man speaks of God and of spiritual matter, is
he talking nonsense? It seems to me that man is detecting a realm that also
exists in him. The very notion of intelligence is non physical and clearly
there is SOMEONE behind the intelligence that permeates nature. I do not
know what drives people to search for intelligence outside the earth.
Perhaps it is the fear of being alone and the consequences of that sort of

Take care,


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Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 12:23 PM
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>You state: "The following article indicates that scientists believe they
>detect extraterrestrial intelligence by merely using mechanical devices,
>viz. antennas. I ask you, isn't detector-man more capable of detecting
>intelligence than mere machines? If you do not believe in a supernatural
>component in man, then you must believe that man is the most complicated
>machine---much more than a petty antenna. It is so self-evident to me that
>we detect intelligence in nature and its workings. That is to say, there is
>at least a brain orders of magnitude more powerful than ours that gave rise
>to the whole thing is. Of course, I believe that that entity is God who is
>actually beyond our comprehension. Speculations about how He did create
>whole thing are nothing but musings of proud minds"
>IMHO, you may be missing the point. Surely the investigators are not only
>going to rely on the signals but are going to interpret the signals. If,
>for example, (and, I admit, this is a stretch) the antennae pick up the
>Lord's Prayer coming in from a planet circling Sirius, that would, to me,
>indicate extraterrestrial intelligence. The antennae are merely an
>of our five senses, just as we use instruments such as microscopes and
>to observe and identify things that we cannot detect with the naked eye and
>the naked nose. But maybe I'm missing something.
>Having said this, I wonder what drives people to search for
>intelligence. Are they that lonely?
>Chuck Vandergraaf
>Pinawa, MB