Re: Precambrian geology (1)

Allen Roy (
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 21:35:06 -0700

Johnathon wrote:
> What criteria do you use to decide when the biostratigraphic succession
of one
> area is no longer applicable?

I have mostly been reporting what I have read. I have not looked into it

> What criteria do you use to descriminate between impact and non-impact
> deposits?

This idea is new in Creationary circles. It is being tossed about that the
strata that has been fairly recently reinterpreted as turbidite might
instead be interpreted as mega-tsunami deposits. Modern tsunami deposition
is very similar to turbidite deposition. If a global catastrophe occurres
because of a series or family of asteroids striking the planet in a short
time, one might ask are there any non-impact related deposits.

> Is you approach thus similar to that of Tas Walker's
> (

I just went to his site and read it. I realized that He has published the
same idea in CRSQ. I think it is a fairly good model. I'd like to see him
consider the part impacts played in providing much needed energy needed for
a global catastrophe.