Re: Dembski and Nelson at MIT and Tufts

Kevin O'Brien (
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 08:43:49 -0600

Greetings to One and All:

This will be my last message for about a week as I disconnect my service to
make my move.

As tempting as it was to respond to Art in detail, I soon realized that all
he is trying to do is provoke me to respond in anger. There is no other
excuse for what in essence amounts to a pretty assinine post. If Art has
any familiarity with my posts at all, then he would know that much of what
he said was a deliberate distortion; to defend myself in specific detail
would simply be playing his game.

However, there is one point that I would like to respond to before I sign

>That is
>why we are puzzled by your contention that life has been created in the
>laboratory. If it has, then I think it is only fair for you to help us
>out, by giving us some literature citations.

Art, in the past I have provided you and other creationists on this listserv
with references. In every -- **every case** -- the response of you and the
other creationists is to ignore them, drop the discussion and go on to
something new. It's as if I hadn't posted anything at all. When that
happenes often enough, even a thick-headed, obnoxious Irishman like myself
gets the message: you don't care for the truth, only argument. So rather
than waste effort listing references for people who don't want to believe
that what I am saying is true in any event, I simply say, "The information
is out there, if you aren't too stubborn to look for it."

Since Brian is more open-minded (he at least accepts that abiogenesis is a
reality) I have already contacted him privately and informed him that once
my move is completed I will provide him with some references to help him
start a search that should lead him to the same concensus that abiotic
researchers have made. If he wishes he can share those references with you
and others, but I would urge him not to waste his time.

Immediately after this messge is posted I must cancel my service, so I will
not know of nor be able to respond to any further posts. I shall announce
when I am back on service again.

Kevin L. O'Brien