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Moorad Alexanian (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 15:43:21 -0400

Heisenberg, Schrodinger and Dirac laid down the foundation of quantum
mechanics--which describes the whole of chemistry. Those I listed were the
fathers of quantum mechanics. Who are the fathers of life from matter?

Cool it man!


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>You are the one spouting nonsense. Quantum mechanics is a whole field of
>research involving many different phenomena and mechanisms. Each one of
>those people you listed won the prize for investigating the specific
>phenomenon and/or mechanism that they alone (or with a few colleagues) were
>investigating; they DID NOT win the prize for some general, nonspecific
>"contribution to the study of quantum mechanics". In other words,
>Heisenberg won the prize specifically for his development of the
>principle (or whatever), not for quantum mechanics in general.
>Abiogenesis is a single phenomenon with a single goal: figuring out life
>derived from non-life. Everyone who investigates it works for that
>goal; the goal was accomplished, not by one person or lab, but by dozens of
>persons each in dozens of labs. If a Nobel Prize were to be awarded simply
>for the creation of life from non-life, you would be hard pressed to find
>any one or two or six or dozen people who made the most significant
>contributions; you would have to award it to a hundred or more. The same
>was true for the identification of enzymes as catalysts, or are you
>suggesting that because no one has won the Nobel Prize for that, enzymology
>is untrue?
>Kevin L. O'Brien