Merits of Nobel

David Campbell (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 14:09:54 -0400

>Therefore, do not come to me with this nonsense that life was created in the
>lab and none of the discoverers got a Nobel Prize because they were too many
>to recognize.

There is no Nobel prize in biology, just medicine. My guess is that most
of those involved in biomedical research think that the only questions
about evolution come from fundamentalist nuts, some think that evolution is
an atheistic plot, and very few realize it is an area of active research.

The definition of life is not entirely agreed upon. Thus, some would claim
that the simple forms created in labs meet the minimum requirements and are
alive, whereas others do not think they are sufficiently lifelike. Again,
we need to define what we are talking about in order to communicate.

David C.