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I thought ASA members might be interested to read our announcement and
call for papers:

Dear Sir or Madam,

The Association for Reformational Philosophy is organising a sixth
International Symposium entitled:
'Cultures and Christianity A. D. 2000'
Hoeven, the Netherlands
August 21 - 25, 2000
For information see:

At the turn of the millennium, in a global context, the Reformational-
evangelical emphasis on transformation of culture has to face new questions
regarding the scope and nature of the Christian presence within the world:
what is the impact of the Christian faith going to be in the present
situation? The Christian faith holds that the world is God's creation which
will be renewed when Christ comes back to establish his Kingdom in its
definite form. How is this going to affect the Christian life and calling in
the world? Is every culture to be shaped on one mold? Is there one ideal
'Christianized' culture or is this 'transformation-process' always a
highly contextualized process? If the latter is the case can Christians from
one culture learn from the experiences of others in another culture?

The aim of the symposium 'Cultures and Christianity A.D. 2000' is to discuss
these questions concerning the relationship between the diversity of cultures
in the present world and Christian faith, by bringing together people from
different reformed and evangelical background and from different continents.

For this symposium an Introductory Paper has been written which can be
obtained from the Center for Reformational Philosophy in Amersfoort, the
Netherlands, or from our web-site:
or from

* Main contributors *

Dr. Hendrik G. Geertsema, chairman (the Netherlands)
Dr. Adolfo Garcia de la Sienra (Mexico)
Dr. James W. Skillen (USA)
Dr. Bong Ho Son (South Korea)
Dr. ir. Adrian Vlot (the Netherlands)
Dr. Bennie J. van der Walt (South Africa)

Referents from all continents and very different traditions will respond to
the lectures. The symposium will form a real intercultural meeting.

* Call for Papers *

The workshops at the symposium offer an excellent occasion for scholars to
present their views before a forum of fellow Christian academics. We invite
you to present a paper on philosophical subjects treated from a Christian
perspective during one of the workshop sessions.

Please submit a resume of one page to the organising committee before
December 1, 1999.

Depending on the amount of resumes submitted the committee will make a
selection of those proposals which to its judgment appear to make a
worthwhile contribution to the theme of the symposium. The committee will
then invite those persons to hold a presentation at the symposium.
The committee will make its judgement known before the end December, 1999.
Presentations are expected to be no longer than 30 minutes, after which a
period of discussion follows which is also 30 minutes.

Papers presented at the workshops can be submitted to the journal Philosophia
Reformata after the symposium, which will publish them if they fulfill the
criteria which hold for this journal.
Forward proposals to:
Center for Reformational Philosophy
P.O. Box 2156, 3800 CD, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
Tel: +31 (33) 465 70 78; Fax: +31 (33) 465 73 04

* More information *

All information on the symposium, including the Introductory Paper and a
preliminary Registration Form, may be found at the web-site:

or at

With best regards,

Wilfred Vollbehr
Director Center for Reformational Philosophy

-- End --


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