Re: Dembski and Nelson at MIT and Tufts

Kevin O'Brien (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 14:26:11 -0600

>You, of all people, should not be pointing the finger of accusation at
>Nelson and Dembski. What they are doing requires strength of character and
>not arrogance. Obvoiusly you have not met either of these men or you would
>not refer to them so.

You are avoiding the issue Art. Besides, it doesn't take character to be
arrogant, just hutzpah.

>>How much respect would you and your colleagues give a philosopher and a
>>mathematician who came to your university and said essentially the same
>>thing to you geologists?
>A whole lot if what they said made sense.

Because you have no formal training or experience in biology, so you cannot
spot their errors. Also you are as arrogant as they are.

But you ignored my question: if a non-geologist came to your college and
spoke to you and your colleagues, saying in essence that you guys were all
wrong in your thinking and research, and he was going to set you straight,
what would your reaction be?

Kevin L. O'Brien