Re: Dembski and Nelson at MIT and Tufts

Jay Richards (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 14:56:24 -0700


Please don't get upset. My comments weren't in response to your email.
(Notice the "to" at the top of my original email).

You go on to say:

"[W]hat I deny them is the ability to claim that their ignorance about a
subject is better than other people's knowledge."

Do you really think they will stand up and argue: "We're ignorant of
biological evidences and concepts. Furthermore, our ignorance is better
than biologists' knowledge"? If they're that misguided, their
incompetence will take care of itself. MIT and Tufts students aren't

To reason, "They're not biologists (by which is presumably meant: they
don't have Ph.D's in biology), therefore, they're ignorant of the
relevant biological knowledge to critique Neo-Darwinism" is pure ad
hominem. I don't see why these discussions so quickly take a turn toward
vitriol and ad hominem.

If you object to what Nelson and Dembski will say at MIT and Tufts
(knowledge of which is at the moment not available), you can easily find
one of their many published arguments, and refute it. Better yet, find
out what they do say on April 7 and 8, and refute that.


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