RE: intelligently designed means

Howard J. Van Till (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 17:29:34 -0400

Doug Franks writes:

>The designing and crafting of a watch imputes "information" in the ordering
>of the collection of atoms and energy that we call "a watch". At issue is
>the improbable arrangement that the craftsman achieves by design.

Doug, thanks for the suggestion, but I would rather say that the watch was
"conceptualized by design" and that the "improbable arrangement" of its parts
and materials was achieved by the "form-imposing action" of the watchmaker.

One of the questions at issue is whether God, as the Creator (the giver of
being to the creation) achieved his intentions by: 1) giving being to a
creation gifted with all of the formational capabilities needed to actualize
the desired array of life forms in time, or 2) giving being to a creation not
equipped in that manner so that the actualization of at least a few desired
forms required occasional episodes of form-imposing action by God in the
course of the creation's formational history.


Howard Van Till