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Let us not forget that by just knowing the "mechanics" of a watch one knows
nothing about time telling. There is additional information over and above
the parts of the watch that cannot be determined by the mechanics of the


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>I have not had the time to exhaust all the discussion on defining
>intelligent design on the list, but I will share some thoughts.
>As discussed in the Perspectives Journal a few month ago, the issue of
>information content may be the essential of design. The designing and
>crafting of a watch imputes "information" in the ordering of the collection
>of atoms and energy that we call "a watch". At issue is the improbable
>arrangement that the craftsman achieves by design.
>Below I will try to complete your blanks:
>To be (or have been) 'intelligently designed' is to be (or have been)
>an "improbable event, characterized by a the information content of the
>phenomena" [decribe the category of action here]
>"by a mind, exercising deliberate selectivity among all the random
>possibilities" [identify type of agent here].
>These ideas are based on the material from the Perspectives Journal below:
>Demski, William A. "Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information".
>Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith , Vol 49, number 3. September
>1997. p180.
>PS. I did not recall that Bill Demski was the author until I looked it up.
>You mention Demski posting to this discussion, but I do not see anything
>from him except in your posts. Are his posts going to you privately or
>onto the list?
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