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Doug Franks (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 11:30:34 -0400 (EDT)

I have not had the time to exhaust all the discussion on defining
intelligent design on the list, but I will share some thoughts.

As discussed in the Perspectives Journal a few month ago, the issue of
information content may be the essential of design. The designing and
crafting of a watch imputes "information" in the ordering of the collection
of atoms and energy that we call "a watch". At issue is the improbable
arrangement that the craftsman achieves by design.

Below I will try to complete your blanks:

To be (or have been) 'intelligently designed' is to be (or have been)

an "improbable event, characterized by a the information content of the
phenomena" [decribe the category of action here]

"by a mind, exercising deliberate selectivity among all the random
possibilities" [identify type of agent here].

These ideas are based on the material from the Perspectives Journal below:

Demski, William A. "Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information".
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith , Vol 49, number 3. September
1997. p180.

PS. I did not recall that Bill Demski was the author until I looked it up.
You mention Demski posting to this discussion, but I do not see anything
from him except in your posts. Are his posts going to you privately or
onto the list?


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