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Sun, 4 Apr 1999 06:11:36 EDT

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<<> Why would a philosoper (Nelson) and a mathematician talk about biology?

Good question. I've always wondered myself why the biggest proponents of
intelligent design and theistic science are not physical scientists but
philosophers, lawyers, etc. I personally believe the reason is that people
who actually do science find such ideas (as with many philosophical ideas)
unworkable in the real world.

Not so. Mike Behe is a working biochemist at Lehigh University, Jonathan
Wells, another IDer, is a developmental biologist at UC at Berkeley,
Siegfried Scherer is a biologist at the Technical University at Munich,
Germany, Pattle Pun is a biologist at Wheaton College, John Wiester is a

To be sure, many IDers are philosophers. But many questions raised by
evolutionary theory and ID are philosophical questions. So a philosopher is
not out of place in the discussion.