Tom Van Flandern & Bill

Adam Crowl (
Sat, 03 Apr 1999 04:35:18 PST

Hi Asa,

Bill Payne...

I'm a bit confused.

You're arguing about coal and its floating [or not] origins, but you're
also in touch with TvFlandern... why? Aren't you a YEC [even with OEC
sympathies]? Then how can you support all the exploding planet stuff
too, which requires immense time-frames compared with the Genesis 6000
years. Comets and asteroids could not have dispersed into their present
range of orbits in a few millennia, as is quite clear from TVF's own
studies. His scenarios require millions of years, even if some effects
are quite prompt.

So what's going on Bill?


Have you examined Joachim Scheven's idea that many of the coal tree
species were actually free-floating forests in the pre-diluvial seas? He
draws on the structure of the roots as evidence. Definitely a novel
idea... perhaps it's what whales snacked on before being given divine
blessings to eat meat.

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