Re: Dembski and Nelson at MIT and Tufts

Howard J. Van Till (
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 14:31:26 -0500

Bert Massie writes:

"Theism and design do not depend on how God implemented."

My reply:

Bert, that depends on what your operative definition of "design" is. For
some ID proponents, it appears that some very specific claims about
implementation are included in the definition. That's what I have long been
trying to get them to admit publicly, clearly, and candidly.

At the moment I'm not arguing either for or against ID. I am merely trying
to get its proponents to put all of their cards on the table. Until then,
there's no game to play.

I repeat, the meaning of the term "intelligent design" is *not*
self-evident and *must* be clearly and candidly defined before any claims
re ID can be meaningfully evaluated.


Howard Van Till