Re: News on fossil man - SORRY...:-(

Adam Crowl (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 00:39:59 PST

>From: Robin Mandell <>
>Subject: Re: News on fossil man
>Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 20:37:23 -0600
> As a clarification, Glenn Morton felt I was linking him with that
curse of
>Ham stuff Adam refered to from the Torah Science page. Nothing could be
>further from the truth. I know Glenn has always been as opposed to this
>is possible. I must have written poorly. i was merely wishing to say
>those views attributed to orthodox jews were not in my opinion worthy
>being tied to Judaism. Hope that is clear.

Sorry Andrew,

What a mess! I didn't even think that this message had actually managed
to get sent - I've been having software problems and I was being told by
my lying machine that it hadn't been sent!

I never meant to say evil things against Orthodox Judaism regardless of
what some have said from beneath that banner. We Protestants aren't much
better [partly my point], and I was trying to add fuel to Glenn's usual
fire in this particular debate by pointing out evil rhetoric that arises
from bad anthropology inspired by a bad hermeneutic. I've never gone
looking for "white supremacist" or "biblical racism" and its concepts,
and I usually quickly back-peddle when I run into it. I was rudely
shocked by what I read on the "Torah and Science" bulletin board - very
deterministic ["it's all hormones and curses"] and "bible based" views
on Negros. However it didn't reflect what the site holder believes I
suspect and it in no way reflects on more thoughtful Jews who post to
the site. People will use anything to justify their stereotypes, even if
they mean no vilification by their words - the poster seemed to be
avoiding "hate language", just providing ammunition for lesser souls I

Once again sorry to all Jews, and especially to you Andrew, whom I would
call an friend and brother in Christ. Apologies to Glenn for
inadvertantly raising Andrew's Ire against him.


How did this happen?

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