God, Genes, and the environment

Jonathan Clarke (jdac@alphalink.com.au)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 07:24:58 +1000

For all those of you who are in Australia or who might be in July.

The Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and
Technology (ISCAST) hosts biannual conferences on science and
Christianity under the name of COSAC. COSAC99 is on the theme of "God,
Genes, and the Environment: integrating biology and theology" on Friday
July 2nd to Sunday July 4th at the Bible College of Victoria at
Lilydale, just outside Melbourne. The conference is supported by the
John Templeton foundation.

The keynote speakers are R. J. Berry (Professor of genetics, University
College London) and Dr Caroline Berry (Consultant geneticist emeritus,
Guy's hospital, London). The keynote themes are "chance and purpose"
(RJB), "genes and Genesis" (RJB), "the human genome project" (CB), and a
"groaning earth (RJB). Professor Berry will be giving a public lecture
on "God and evolution".

There are a number of workshops. These are "the science of evolution
from a Christian perspective" (A. Prof. Alligator Richardson,), "the
fall in a scientific context" (Rev. Dr Mark Worthing), "genes and human
responsibility" (Dr Alan Gijsbers), "cloning" (Dr Denise Clarke, and
"environmental stewardship" (Ian Hore-Lacey).

Residential registration is A$120, non residential A$90. Students or
full-time Christian workers A$20 for the first 20 delegates in this
category. A late surcharge of 10% applies after June 10th.

Enquires: Prof. Allan Day, 1 Belconnen Ave Balwyn VIC 3103. Phone (in
Aus) 03-9817-5265. Email aday@azemail.com.au.