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Mon, 29 Mar 1999 10:54:55 -0800

Mark H. Brooks Hedstrom wrote:
> I have students writing papers on various physics books. One student picked
> a book not on my list, The Science of God, by Gerald L. Schroeder. Has
> anyone on this list read the book or know anything about the author? I'm
> trying to evaluate how well received his ideas are, and whether or not he's
> talking from a base of scientific consensus.
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I am a physicist but not a relativity theorist and regardless as to
whether he is right or not there is nothing in my view that he has done
poor science. His work does not fall into the category of very very
poor relativity work of Humphries. He also has an interesting view of
the Hebrew. Perhaps he has indentified another way to reconcile the
science an the Hebrew and the OEC view. I am getting ready to review
his book after reading it in the near past and will share any insights I
get from a second reading.
Bert Massie, Ph.D.