Re: coal again! (was asteroids and energy)

Keith B Miller (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:54:09 -0600

Bill Payne wrote:

>Again, my apologies for my abrupt dismissal of your bibliographies and
>the articles you s-mailed to me. I have nothing but the highest regard
>for your work.

Thank you! Your apology is accepted.

It is a great challenge for all of us to avoid speaking with more authority
than we have. Too much of the debate in the area of evolution and Earth
history is being carried out by people who are uninformed, and do not know
or care that they are uninformed. I am often tempted to respond
authoritatively to an issue that I have only limited knowledge of in order
to counter arguments that I find incredulous or absurd. To admit
incomplete knolwedge is often seen as "weakness" in a debate situation.
But, I am becoming increasingly aware that trying to appear "strong" is not
the way of the cross. I have a long way to go to make this more of a
reality in my interactions with others.

In Christ,


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