Re: Precambrian geology

Bill Payne (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 23:49:36 -0600

On Wed, 24 Mar 1999 08:04:17 +1100 Jonathan Clarke
<> writes:

>Curious you should mention this. Up to perhaps 40 years ago, the
>conventional interpretation was the other way round. Carboniferous
>were generally interpreted as in situ and those of the carboniferous

Did you mean to say "....those of the _Permian_ transported."?

>Have you though further about my recognition of flood lithologies

Yes, but my wife leaves for Brazil Thursday for eight days with the
ballet company from our church, so I've been spending a little extra time
with her. The ballerinas (not my wife) will be on the cover of Focus on
the Family's Brio magazine in May. If you'll pray for their safety and
that the Holy Spirit will work through them to touch the hearts of
Brazilians in Belo Horizante where they'll be, then I'll answer your
questions. :-)

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