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William A. Wetzel (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 13:55:55 -0800

Dear Keith:

Bill Hoersch was going to challenge me on evolution, but backed out. He's
probably going to challenge me again in the future (maybe). I doubt he is
a bonafide geologist, since he seems to dismiss plate tectonics.

By-the-way, I.C.R. is archbishop Usher in disguise :)

Best Wishes,
William A. Wetzel - N6RKY

Keith B Miller wrote:
> A forwarded inquiry from the ACG list. Does anyone know about this person?
> Please respond to the ACG list or to Wayne.
> >Does anyone know the educational background of Bill Hoesch at ICR? He is
> >giving a talk at Front Range Alliance Church is Colorado Springs, CO and is
> >advertised a a geologist. He serves as the public information officer of the
> >Institute for Creation Research. The only material I could find states that
> >Mr. Hoersch has a master's degree in geology with no affiliation identified.
> >Any information anyone could give me would be appreciated.
> >Thanks.
> >Wayne Belcher
> >
> >
> Keith B. Miller
> Department of Geology
> Kansas State University
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William A. Wetzel
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