Re: coal again! (was asteroids and energy)

Bill Payne (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 06:43:57 -0600

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 21:33:35 -0600 (Keith B Miller)

>Many months ago I made two extensive posts responding to Bill relating
>the environmental interpretation of coal, complete with bibliographies
>took me several days to put together.


>These posts were met with
>dismissal by Bill as diversionary tactics, and were completely ignored.
>that point it was clear that any contribution I might make would fall on
>deaf ears. I find it disengenuous of Bill to accuse others of refusal
>discuss the evidence.

Yes, Keith, I did. Please let me apologize for the consternation I can
see I have caused with you and others.

I feel that my level of contribution is meager compared to that of you,
Steven Schimmrich, Glenn Morton and so many others on these lists. In
addition to limited abilities and background, I have only a limited
amount of time to devote to research, which results in the deficiencies
you have noted.

The Bible says one sows, another waters, and another reaps, but it is the
Lord who gives the increase. If I am only able to sow, whereas you can
sow, water and reap, I must trust that God has put this interest in my
heart and believe that He maintains the global perspective I lack, and
guides me into the areas where He wants me to work. I honestly wish I
had the grasp of the literature which you and others had noted that I
lack, and have encouraged me to get. I simply don't have time right now
to invest in this essential task. However, I do believe that the pursuit
of ideas based upon observations is worthwhile. I may have to leave it
to others to complete the task of synthesis of apparently opposing data.

Again, my apologies for my abrupt dismissal of your bibliographies and
the articles you s-mailed to me. I have nothing but the highest regard
for your work.

God bless,

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