Re: Precambrian geology

Bill Payne (
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 21:55:43 -0600

On Mon, 22 Mar 1999 08:03:28 +1100 Jonathan Clarke
<> writes:

>Another way to ask these questions is "What unique features exist in
>Cambrian to Carboniferous?Permian?Paleogene/Pliocene rocks that shows
>they must have been formed in a global flood"?

Good question. Maybe within the last year, I saw a statement by someone
to the effect that Permian (?) coals were largely rotted, and therefore
of poor quality. I think it was stated by that individual that if the
same bacteria that degraded the Permian coals had evolved by
Pennsylvannian time, there would be very few quality coal seams in the

I may have the details wrong, but I remember thinking that another
explanation would be that the Pennsylvannian coals were deposited out of
water and quickly buried, whereas the Permian coals may have either been
swamp coals or deposited out of water but buried more slowly.

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