Re[Fwd: Steve Austin's Objectivity]

Tim Ikeda (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 22:45:56 -0500

James Mahaffey wrote:
> Just a little caution that there is a strong biases, which also suspect
> is anti-Christian, on Talk Origins.

Au contraire. It's been my experience that the maintainers of the web site have been pretty careful not to be anti-
Christian. Heck, some of the T.O. FAQs contributors are Christians
as are many of the regulars in the t.o. newsgroup.

See the God and evolution FAQ:

The bias there is anti-anti-evolutionism, not anti-Christianity. That
there is a not insignificant correlation between some types of
Christians and anti-evolutionists is perceived more as an unfortunate
occurrence than an indictment against Christianity in general.

James, if there is any correction you'd like to suggest about any of the
FAQs, or if you'd like to contribute one yourself, I would encourage
your participation. If you have further questions regarding Chris
Stassen's qualifications or rubidium/strontium dating, try writing him.
That's why he published his email address.

Tim Ikeda (despam address before use)