New List for Christian biologists (second try)

James Mahaffy (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 15:29:45 -0600

[Sorry if you get another messge like this, but the first message did
not seem to go through and never showed on the ASA archives so this is a
second try. JFM]


Those of you in or are interested in biology you should be aware that
the Affiliation of Christian Biologists is sponsoring a new e-mail list.

To subscribe to the list send an e-mail to with one
subscribe acb-l

the following are two paragraphs about the list from the welcome letter
by Jerry Hess.
As biologists we represent many subdisciplines, so that we tend
to attend many different biological meetings unlike the
geologists who have one annual meeting that they attend. Hence
we have few venues for interaction other than the annual ASA
meeting. It is our hope that this mail list will allow
Christian biologists to network and communicate more effectively.
It could also be a means to notify one another when we plan to
attend specific scientific meetings in our subdisciplines.

The ACB officers anticipate utilizing this mail list to augment
communications with our membership beyond what the newsletter
now accomplishes. For those who are teachers, the list will
provide a means for sharing methods and resources used in our
courses. Both those in secular work settings and those in
Christian work settings can benefit greatly from an interchange
of ideas, particularly those related to issues at the interface
of science and Christian thought. Since the ASA and other lists
already provide a forum for Creation/Evolution issues, we do not
see this list as a place to discuss such issues, except possibly
as they relate directly to teaching biology. Other uses of the
list might include 'sharing' information about "dormant lab
equipment" and job opportunities that are available.

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