Re: coal again! (was asteroids and energy)

Keith B Miller (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 21:33:35 -0600

Bill Payne wrote:

>> Recently, when I tried to engage Steve Schimmrich in another discussion
>> on coal, he said "I won't discuss this since it was discussed elsewhere."
>> I'm beginning to think that many OECs on these lists take a rather sumg
>> attitude toward YECs as, IMHO, you did above, and when you run across a
>> challenge you can't handle you ignore it.

Many months ago I made two extensive posts responding to Bill relating to
the environmental interpretation of coal, complete with bibliographies that
took me several days to put together. In them I discussed the
stratigraphic and sedimentologic context of coal-bearing units. I
mentioned facies associations (enabling the reconstruction of complex
coastal and alluvial enrionments), documented evidence of tidal deposites,
repeatedly stacked paleosols, the paleobotany of coals recording lateral
changes consistent with laterally changing environments. etc. My
particular area of research in on the climatic interpretation of paleosols
which are ubiquitous and prominent components of both coal and non-coal
bearing cyclical deposits (cyclothems). These posts were met with
dismissal by Bill as diversionary tactics, and were completely ignored. At
that point it was clear that any contribution I might make would fall on
deaf ears. I find it disengenuous of Bill to accuse others of refusal to
discuss the evidence.


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