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Steven Schimmrich (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 08:07:13 -0500

Bill Payne wrote:

>Recently, when I tried to engage Steve Schimmrich in another discussion
>on coal, he said "I won't discuss this since it was discussed elsewhere."
> I'm beginning to think that many OECs on these lists take a rather sumg
>attitude toward YECs as, IMHO, you did above, and when you run across a
>challenge you can't handle you ignore it.

Give me a break! We had a long detailed discussion on coal on one mailing
list and then you wanted to start the same thing up all over again on another.
The reason I haven't been too involved with the list lately is because I'm
busy developing new courses that I've been teaching and doing some of my own
research. I don't get any brownie points for wasting my time arguing with
people on mailing lists who've already made up their own minds about how all
the sedimentary rocks were formed 4,000 years ago in Noah's flood.

I'll be happy to discuss coals again in a couple of weeks. Let's talk about
the Joggins, Nova Scotia coals since they're a classic geologic locality. You
always want to discuss southern coals (which is understandable since that's
where you are) but I've never been there to look at them so I then have to
take your observations at your word and I'm quite frankly uncomfortable with
that since I know you have an agenda before you go out in the field (and don't
say I do too, a favorite tactic of young-earth creationists, because there's
nothing in my religious beliefs demanding autochthonous vs allochthonous coals.
Publish your observations about those coals in a peer-reviewed journal and we'll

Why in a couple of weeks? Because I've already signed up to the digest version
of these lists and am about to leave (tomorrow) on a wonderful road trip to look
at real rocks over spring break (sorry, no coals).

- Steve.

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