Re: context (was craters)

David Campbell (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 18:17:38 -0400

>Another passage in the
>> Pentateuch requiring a non-24 hour rendition is the description of the year
>> of Jubilee-it follows a day of 49 years.
>> David C.
>I confess I hunted through concordances and dictionaries for the Jubilee
>reference, without success. Could you be more specififc please? I find it
>most interesting.

As it might be difficult for others to locate, too, the reference was
Leviticus 25:8. Unless you have a very literalistic translation, yom is
likely to be rendered "time", "period", or the like.

It is also translated "year" in several places in some translations, but
usually in the phrase "many years". Obviously, many years is also many
days, so one could apply a 24 hour interpretation in these passages.

David C.