Re: asteroids and energy

Blaine D. McArthur (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 22:40:10 -0800

Massie wrote:

> In any instance, an
> enormous amount of energy in a 40 day period. Bert Massie

Although I am what most would consider an "evolutionist", I am also 1000
percent christian, and would be a fool to discount the fact of a
biblical flood. The account in Genesis is just too prominent. It is,
in fact, a rather significant event. I also think it is significant
that so many cultures around the world have a "flood story." Having
said that I have to comment on this asteroid theory....

Bert's comment about "an enormous amount of energy..." seems to me to be
understatement. It seems to me that an event as dramatic as the one
being described would have been recorded in rather graphic detail. We
are talking about fire from the sky kind of stuff. It seems to me the
writer of Genesis would noted this and remembrance of it would have been
passed on from Noah and his son's down through the generations.... Is
this an unreasonable assumption?