Re: craters (part of YEC defined)

Allen Roy (
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 00:42:49 -0700

> From: Steven Schimmrich <>
> Young-earth creationists are required to force Scripture to fit these
types of
> interpretations since they require virtually all Phanerozoic sedimentary
> to have been deposited during Noah's flood and there's clear evidence of
> meteorite impacts throughout Phanerozoic time. Therefore, the Earth, in
> cosmology, must have been intensively bombarded during Noah's flood.
> is then searched for justification for this idea. This belies the
> claim by YEC's that they are simply holding to a plain and literal
reading of
> Scripture. They interpret Scripture as much as non-YEC's.

Because YECs accept Noah's Flood as a fact then much of the sediments can
be interpreted within that paradigm. The interpretation of the Phanerozoic
sediments as Flood Catastrophe remains must also take into consideration
the astroblems found there. This would indeed mean that an intensive
bombardment would have occurred within that catastrophe and, infact, may be
considered the cause for that catastrophe. So the natural question is,
does the Bible have anything to say about such a possibility?

There have never been any really good interpretations for the two things
which the Bible says cause the Flood -- the break up of the "fountains of
the great deep" and the opening of the "windows of heaven." What are the
fountains of the great deep? How do they get broken? What are the windows
of heaven? What came through those windows?

What is being proposed now is that the physical evidences in the rocks may
give us clues in understanding the 'windows of heaven.' We can go back to
the texts with a modified paradigm and see if there was something missed or
hidden in the texts that was missed before. We explore to the best of our
ability, the meanings of the origial words to see if something that didn't
make much sense before can now be better understood. The original
translators of the KJV (or any translation) may not have as accuratly
translated the texts as they might have if they had had a greater base of
knowledge. I'm not saying that I am any wiser than any other, but I do see
some posibilites in tying the concept of things lurking behind the
'windows' of heaven with the astroids which hit the earth within the
Phanerozoic being interpreted as Flood deposits.