Re: YEC defined

Allen Roy (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 21:03:29 -0700

> From:
> If only theological-moral-spiritual truths are being revealed by God,
> the discovery of scientific truth to mankind, the science in Scripture
> be, as I and others think it is, only the cultural clothing in which the
> supra-cultural message is dressed.

If you restrict Bible truths to 'theological-moral-spiritual' then you may
be right. This strikes me a bit like the teaching that only the spiritual
is real and that the physical is unreal. Is this Buddism or Shintuism?

I see no reason why the historical and physical of the Bible cannot be just
as valid and truthful as the spiritual. We are physical, mental and
spiritual together. By spiritual I do not mean etherial existance but
capable of social interaction with God and man.