Re: craters (part of YEC defined)
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 17:24:13 EST

Allen wrote,

<< So, when we look at the phrase 'windows of heaven' the idea of something
lurking in the heavens seems appropriate. Unlike the stars and planets,
asteroids are largely invisible to the naked eye, even up to the point of
entry into the atmosphere, thus they could be thought of as lurking in
space waiting to crash in ambush to the earth.

The phrases 'the windows of heaven were opened' (7:11) and 'the windows of
heaven were stopped' (8:2) could be refering to the onset and the
subsequent suspension of an ambush by asteroids which had been lurking in
space. And thus a possible Biblical explanation of the astroblems.

This interpretation seems to be quite a stretch. It does not fit the
historical and biblical context. In the Bible "the windows of heaven" are
sluices in the firmament above which is an ocean. When they are opened, the
ocean above pours down; and when they are closed the ocean above is dammed up
again by the solid firmament. In the biblical context asteroids would be
considered stars and would be embedded on the underside of the firmament, not
above it in back of the sluices; so sluices would not have to be opened to
have them fall to earth.