Re: craters (part of YEC defined)

Blaine D. McArthur (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 06:37:49 -0800

Allen Roy wrote:

> The first of the impacts would likely strike the soils and basement
> rocks
> of the preflood geology, so impact craters should be found in such
> Precambrian rocks.
> Impacts in Tertiary rocks could represent a remnant of smaller,
> trailing
> asteroids. The largest of the impacts occure in the older rocks. The
> size
> of craters diminish dramatically in the Tertiary rocks. This could be
> interpreted to mean that astroids of the size to cause global
> catastophic
> impact occurred during the initial and middle stages of the Flood.
> The
> final, smaller ones could not sustain the catastrophe.

Forgive my ignorance here. I am a full time student and have not been
able to follow this as closely and as carefully as I should have. But I
am curious about this asteroid impact thing. I am assuming that you are
speaking in reference to the "Noaish"(?) flood. You are somehow
connecting a massive bombardment of asteroids with the flood.

I am probably missing something here, but how do you tie this in with
the bible. Where is the biblical support for such an event?