Re: YEC defined
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 02:04:08 EST

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Allen wrote,

<< God was there and he has passed on to us what is most needful to know
concerning origins. This witness evidence of the Bible is reliable, though
many argue differing interpretations of the witness evidence presented
there. Scince is a logical, reliable methodology by which God's created
universe can be studied. Since God is the author of both the eyewitness
evidence and the natural world, our interpretive paradigm should find
agreement in the interpretation of both. The experiencial evidence thus
acquired must be interpreted such that it does not contradict logical
interpretations of the Biblical witness evidence. And, logical
interpretations of the Biblcal witness evidence should not disagree with
interpretation of the experiencial evidence. If such is the case, then 1)
we have a flawed interpretation of the Biblical evidence, or 2) we have a
flawed interpretation of the scientific evidence, or 3) both. >>

If only theological-moral-spiritual truths are being revealed by God, leaving
the discovery of scientific truth to mankind, the science in Scripture could
be, as I and others think it is, only the cultural clothing in which the
supra-cultural message is dressed. I see no biblical revelation which
logically necessitates the belief that God did not accommodate his
theological-moral-spiritual revelation to the science of the times of his
prophets. I think the common assumption that the science which we find in the
Bible will necessarily agree with the scientific facts is rooted ultimately in
rationalism, not biblical revelation.