YEC defined

Ted Davis (
Mon, 08 Mar 1999 09:35:42 -0500

Mr Hazen requests a definition of Young Earth Creationism. I will offer a
definition suitable to the present situation, recognizing that historically
persons might not have bought all of this and would still be regarded as

YECs typically believe all of the following: (1) The universe, incl. the
earth ("the heavens and the earth") are "young," ie only 5 days older than
humankind, no more than 10-12ky in actual age and probably not more than
about 6ky old. Evidence to the contrary must be denied, explained away, or
(in some cases) assigned to "apparent age," what Gosse in 1857 called
"prochronic" time. (2) All major "kinds" (often these are called "baramin,"
combining the Hebrew words for create and kind) of plants and animals were
created separately, in 6 literal days; considerable change has taken place
since the creation week, however, within these created kinds. (3) Most
fossil-bearing rocks were laid down by the biblical flood, thus the standard
geological column is a figment of the imagination and the fossil story it is
said to contain is equally imaginary; fossils tell us only what was living
at the time of the flood, they do not reveal the history of living things.
(4) The laws of nature changed at the time of the fall, and (perhaps) again
at the time of the flood; certainly the conditions on earth changed
dramatically on both occasions. Esp. the 2nd law of thermodynamics ("the
law of death and decay," as creationists call it) did not apply prior to the
Edenic curse. This law is also understood to prevent the possibililty of
evolution "from simple to complex" forms. (5) The Bible, not science, is
the only reliable guide to the early universe. Science can't repeat the
past in the laboratory; the historical sciences must be governed by the
history provided in scripture, which was penned by writers inspired by the
only eyewitness, namely God.

No doubt I've missed a few important points, but these do come to mind
right away. If I've not been fair in describing these, please offer

Ted Davis