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Allan Harvey (
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 08:50:01 -0700

At 08:59 AM 2/27/99 EST, wrote:
>Dear Dan:
>We're in the process of assembling the same information that you requested in
>February 1996 (re: the website called "Signs of the Times"). Could you share
>any of the information that you have gathered during the past two years with
>us? RE: famine stats, earthquake stats, wars, pestilence, gospel preached to
>all parts of the earth, etc. (Jesus' signs of the end of times). We are
>interested only in factual information (which is supported by reputable
>sources), not rumors.

Don't know how this ended up on the ASA mailing list, but you should know
that the often-repeated assertion in some circles that the number of
earthquakes is increasing (thereby supporting certain views of "the End
Times") is simply false. It is so common that the US Geological Survey
wrote something specifically to address it, which you may find at:

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