Re: Poor Darwin's syndrome is contagious

James Mahaffy (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 07:15:12 -0600

Jonathan Clarke wrote:

> With respect to Darwin, it appears that his appreciation of prose was
> undiminished, I wonder why? James Moore has written a very moving paper in
> "God and nature" on Darwin's loss of belief, if I recall correctly. Although
> at university he professed Christianity, it appears to have been
> prepositional rather than living. Several factors lead to his rejection of
> Christianity. First the death of his father, a good man but an unbeliever
> caused him to reject divine judgement, and then the tragic death of his
> daughter at a young age caused him to abandon belief in a good and personal
> God. Darwin never completely abandoned belief in God, and remained at least
> an occasional deist.

While I have not read all of it what I have read and from what I have heard, the
book: Desmond, A, and Moore, J. 1991. DARWIN: THE LIFE OF A TORMENTED
EVOLUTIONIST.* Warner Books, New York 808 pages is a must reading for folks that
would like to understand Darwin as a person. It is a big book but fairly easy

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