Re: Where to start...

Blaine D. McArthur (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 06:44:24 -0800

Rasmussen, Ryan J. wrote:

> So... what are the seminaries teaching? Do they discuss Theistic
> Evolution / Intelligent Design? Are these views being presented to
> our
> churches? They aren't at my church... but I am trying to work up the
> nerve and resources needed to present it to my Pastor. What do other
> ASA members find at their churches?

I know that at the Mennonite Bretheren Seminary here in Fresno, the
Intelligent Design "model" is given serious consideration. Owen
Gingerich spoke here recently on that subject as part of the Templeton
series. I also believe that Talbot Seminary, down south at Biola
University ("L.A.") also includes the intelligen design model in their

BTW, thank you to all the kind personal responses I received regarding
my "story." I have heard of this happening to others, but it was still
a bit of a shock when it happened to me. With regards to my own
situation, I am convinced that God wants me to stay where I am (How
long, Oh Lord, how long....) I have spoken privately with my pastor
regarding the matter and he is sympathetic, but I believe I that there
needs to be a meeting of the pastor, the college/career pastor and
myself. This will be difficult because in the past I considered the
associate pastor a friend, and now there is a bit of distrust involved.
But, forgiveness is the order of the day......