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Adam Crowl (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 05:04:58 PST


Another personal tale of woe. Why is science so badly ignored in
seminaries? "No relevance" in this day and age? Come on!
>Your story speaks volumes of the true problem we face as Christian
>scientists. Not only are our views rejected by scientists because they
>are based in part on Christian beliefs but they are rejected by
>Christians because they are based in part on science that conflicts
>what they have been taught to believe. Public schools will not teach
>the children about intelligent design or theistic evolution and the
>church will not teach them these things because they conflict with the
>standard YEC 144-hour creation.
[snipped, a rather disturbing story to add to the others - rejection and
misunderstanding. What's wrong with this picture?]
>So... what are the seminaries teaching? Do they discuss Theistic
>Evolution / Intelligent Design? Are these views being presented to our
>churches? They aren't at my church... but I am trying to work up the
>nerve and resources needed to present it to my Pastor. What do other
>ASA members find at their churches?
I went to an AOG Church for some time and eventually left because of a
yelling Pastor [why does preaching have to be loud?] The previous Pastor
wasn't just YEC, but also a geocentrist! I was in the youth group at the
time and we had a visit from the local version of ICR, the Creation
Science Foundation. The most disturbing thing about the encounter was
just how willing the kids were to take in what they were told
uncritically. Aussie kids are normally quite non-conformist, but this
they just gulped down.

Sad but true...


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