Is this true about luther?

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Is this true about luther?

Protestant Reformation


The Protestant Reformation, which split Christianity into different
in the 16th
Century, did little to reduce anti-Semitism. For much of his life the
Reformation leader Martin Luther expressed moderate views toward Jews.
Believing the
Jews would become converts to the faith, Luther urged humane treatment.
However when
the Jews failed to convert, he turned against them. In his booklet Of
Jews and
Their Lies,
published four years before he died in 1546, Luther advised:

"First, their synagogues or churches should be set on
fire....Secondly, their
homes should
likewise be broken down and destroyed....They ought be put under one
roof or
in a stable,
like gypsies....Thirdly, they should be deprived of their
prayerbooks....Fourthly, their rabbis
must be forbidden under threat of death to teach anymore...."

"in ipso enim vivimus et movemur et sumus sicut"

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