Re: YEC in the "Three Views" book

Steven Schimmrich (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 09:36:38 -0500

At 05:51 AM 2/23/99 -0800, Bert Massie wrote:
>I have twice tought classes on Creation vs evolution here in H.
>California and have been beat about the head and shoulders by YEC with
>two by fours. "Genesis is the Foundation of the Bible and YEC is the
>Foundation of Geneses and those who disagree ######."

As a geologist, I've had problems in churches I've attended in the past
as well (not here at Calvin). Many in the YEC movement truly believe that
their view is THE Scriptural view and anything else is heresy which needs
to be thrown out of the church. I personally view it as bad science and
bad theology and solved the problem by not attending churches where it's
become a divisive issue.

- Steve.

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