human bias
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 09:31:41 -0500

David Campbell wrote:

If He is sovereign over the outcome of casting lots, the long-range
weather, and other random or chaotic (in the mathematical sense) events,
then it seems that randomness does not constrain Him. Whether there is a
pattern yet hidden to us, or whether He simply directly chooses the outcome
is moot.

David C.

Thanks for this. I think much of the confusion in discussions about
creation and providence is artificially restrained by our naive assumption
in some way God is like a human. We equate 'person' with 'human'.
Humans have physical attributes such as existence in a 4-dimensional
space-time, with severe constraints on travel in space and time, bias for
the size
of things on the order of a meter; bias for electromagnetic radiation
in a narrow wavelength band around .5 microns, a tendency to ignore or
approximate all the microscopic complexity of our surroundings, limitations
on awareness of events happening now, even more so for events in the past
practically no awareness of the future.

In light of all these handicaps, biases, disabilities, and parochial
it's a wonder we are able to say anything valid about God at all. And we
often don't. Christians recognize that the safest thing is to simply quote
revealed Scripture without interpreting it too much; scholars who have
assembled the Scriptures systematically have discovered that although God
is clearly said to be personal, He is not human, and in fact even His
is not like that of humans -- it is multiple, so that there is not a
correspondence between bodies and personalities. We cannot even make
a picture or model of such a Being.