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Jonathan Clarke (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:04:19 +1100


Thomas Gold is a well known original thinker, remember the deep lunar dust
theory? Steady State Cosmology? Gold has been associated with all those
unpopular ideas.

With respect to oil and gas, pity that Glenn is still in communicado. While
there is evidence for abiological methane in volcanic gases, the link between
oil and buried biological matter is too strong for Gold's theory to have any
validity. Try any introductory book on petroleum geology. There will be
discussion of things like biomarkers, and how different oils can be linked to
particular source rocks by biochemical traces. Further more, different oils
have different organic sources, source rocks derived from terrestrial plants
have a different composition to those from marine plankton, and they differ
from those derived from lake algae.

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Terry M. Gray wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm just finishing up Thomas Gold's book *The Deep Hot Biosphere*. Gold is
> an astronomer/cosmologist (I think) who has maintained for a number of
> years that natural gas, oil, and black coal are not "fossil fuels" but
> rather have an abiogenic origin with hydrocarbons being a primordial
> component of the deep earth (deep being >=100 km).
> Apparently, his hypothesis has been around for some time and this book is
> his latest effort to promote it. Included in this book is an argument for
> life deep in the rocks and he speculates on an origin of life in the rocks
> rather than on the surface.
> I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this book or knows something of
> Gold's views, especially anyone with a geology background. Of course,
> since Gold's views are counter-establishment, folks with a geology
> background may be biased against them. But, that's okay. I'm interested
> in hearing opinions of folks with a bit more expertise in this area than
> what I have.
> Thanks.
> TG
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