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There was a bit of a discussion on Tom Gold on the asa some time ago. I met
him about 15 to 20 years ago when he gave a talk about the origin of oil in
the Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas basin. At one time Tom Gold was involved in
drilling for methane in Sweden but that never amounted to anything.

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> Subject: The Deep Hot Biosphere
> Hi everyone,
> I'm just finishing up Thomas Gold's book *The Deep Hot Biosphere*. Gold
> is
> an astronomer/cosmologist (I think) who has maintained for a number of
> years that natural gas, oil, and black coal are not "fossil fuels" but
> rather have an abiogenic origin with hydrocarbons being a primordial
> component of the deep earth (deep being >=100 km).
> Apparently, his hypothesis has been around for some time and this book is
> his latest effort to promote it. Included in this book is an argument for
> life deep in the rocks and he speculates on an origin of life in the rocks
> rather than on the surface.
> I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this book or knows something of
> Gold's views, especially anyone with a geology background. Of course,
> since Gold's views are counter-establishment, folks with a geology
> background may be biased against them. But, that's okay. I'm interested
> in hearing opinions of folks with a bit more expertise in this area than
> what I have.
> Thanks.
> TG
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